Feedback Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. after Emo 2015 – Milan

Dear Benny,

As a matter of fact, the EMO show turned out to be quite successful so that we have been busy with following up on all customer requests during the last weeks.

About our feedback: I will provide you with a detailed feedback as soon as I find the time to read all the messages of my colleagues in this context. Actually I have asked everybody about their opinion which also includes the catering. From what I have seen so far, the whole Mitsubishi Electric crew at the booth was extremely satisfied with your team and your services. If you do not mind, we also appreciate your feedback about our presence: What was really good – and what do we need to work on for our next show time ? It is extremely helpful to receive the feedback of an external service provider as well.

With kind regards,

Mitsubishi Electric Europe