Your Event.

Backstage has always given its customers a wide range of highly personalized services, keeping unchanged
the values that have stimulated its activity and giving value to the acquired experience, responding to the
most current needs with a dynamic and modern approach.
We can organize any kind of company event, both in your company or in other locations.

Exclusive Events.

Our customers´ Satisfaction and trust are our point of pride and make us grow and innovate every day, overcoming our limits and placing new challenges.
For that reason, we have invested over the years in resources that allow us to face different needs and requests, even the most particular and difficult ones.

Kitchen truck.

A mobile kitchen truck!
Our service everywhere in the world … ALWAYS!
Also when you need to organize an event in places not designed to the reception of guests (no light, water,
gas, kitchen, receptive structure …), we will plan carefully all the phases of your project, taking care, when
necessary, to provide connections, tenso-structures, generators, kitchen and everything that is needed to
make the chosen location appropriate to your event.

– Continuous assistance.

We will assist you throughout the day ensuring the quality and quantity of food and drinks, accompanied
by professional and capable staff, to lighten your working hours and make your guests feel at ease while
concentrating on your business

-Project management.

The crucial part of the organization that makes the service fluent.
Our project managers organize together with your booth builder the space for the catering project. They
study the uptakes, the dimensions and the placing of our machinery in the concerned areas, outlining the
ideal area for the hospitality of the your guests.

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Nonostante la diffusione di COVID 19, il gruppo Backstage garantisce tutti i servizio confermati e fornirà servizio negli eventi posticipati - molte fiere sono state posticipate, ma non annullate!
Siamo qui per voi, come sempre.

Despite the spreading of COVID 19, Backstage Group guarantees all services confirmed and to offer services in the postoponed events - Most fairs are postoned, not cancelled! We are here for you, as usual.