Feedback LG Electronica GmbH after Intersolar 2014

Hi Benny,

Thanks for asking

Below you can see some notes:

1-      Yolanda: was as always very professional and fast J

2-      Stefan: was also very professional and fast. It would be nice to have him also next year J

3-      Remo: He was a very nice guy but with Caribbean rhythm J apart from that he didn’t speak german. For the next year we would preferably need people that speak booth German and English fluently

4-      Luca and yolandas sister: were also very professional and fast during the cocktail time.

5-      Food: The Wraps, the Parmisan flake, the Brezel. Mignon stuffed olives and the sweets were very tasty

6-      Drinks: cocktails very tasty, the rest was also tasty

7-      The cake was also tasty and our colleague was very happy to receive it J many thanks for that

8-      Building: was this year also very professional, all people arrived on time and all machines were working.

Many thanks for this great service J

Have a nice day,

Life’s Good!