Feedback #ImaSpA after #Interpack 2017 – Dusseldorf

We would like to thank you for the great work and collaboration at the Interpack 2017!
Executives, customers, and employees all liked and praised your service, both in terms of quality, variety and professionalism.
Apart from you, Conny, a great coordinator and tireless worker, we would like to thank:
MAURO: super coordinator always available to satisfy all our requirements.
GAETANO, MASSIMO and CRISTIAN: tireless and professional barmen, always smiling, despite of the non-stop work.
FEDERICO, LUCA, SILVIO and ROBERTO: good and tireless chefs who have delighted us with delicious “manicaretti”.
Our gratitude also goes to all Backstage team who have worked hard to make this event successful.
Hope I didn’t forget anybody
Stefano, Andrea, Mattia, Delfina, Michele, Marian, Federico, Reyhan, Zulal, Venera, Stefan, Philip, Jakob, Jonida, Thuy Vi, Yavuz, Luce, Ana, Belinda, Lilia, Allne, Letizia, Martin, Soraya, Sophie, Friedrich, Merve, Mayson
Greetings to everybody and see for the next adventure together!

Ima SpA


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