Feedback Fainplast Srl after Tube & Wire 2018 – Düsseldorf

Hi Benny, A special thank goes to Stella, who after K 2016, proved again to be very professional and nice. She is part of our “family”, so we hope to have her at our stand again next year. She best realized our wishes with a simple but elegantly presented menu with lots of fresh things Read more about Feedback Fainplast Srl after Tube & Wire 2018 – Düsseldorf[…]

Plast 2018 – Milan

Another service carried out in Milan ends with good results. We thank the following companies for choosing us during the Plast Fair: A. Schulman, Bausano & Figli Spa, Biesse, CMS Spa, Duplomatic, Erema GmbH, MKS Meusburger, Piovan Spa and Ucisap.          

Ipack Ima 2018 – Milan

Thanks to these eleven amazing companies: Metal Work Spa, Piovan Spa, Irplast, Smipack Spa, Dierre Spa, Datalogic, Ing. Polin & C Spa, Cama Group, Clevertech Srl, Antares Vision and Ima Spa for choosing us during the Ipack Ima Fair in Milan, Italy.          

Sps 2018 – Parma

This year during Sps Fairs in Parma, Italy, we offered the catering service to 8 different companies: Bosch Rexroth, Cmz Sistemi Elettronici, Copa-Data, Datalogic, Duplomatic, iMAGE S, Kaitek Flah Battery and Omron. We take this opportunity to thank the companies for choosing our services.