Our HQ is in Italy, just south of Milan, but we have a logistics warehouse in Dusseldorf and a subsidiary in East Grinstead, just south of London.

This will give us the possibility to be even more competitive in all of Europe.

I started into the catering reality very young, touring the world to satisfy my thirst for curiosity, ale-150x150-2this brought me to understand the different needs and wishes and to broaden my knowledge. The passion for different cultures that always accompanies my spirit of adventure, allowed me to achieve larger goals, one of which was to create my own company in 1994, today recognized with great success in all of Europe.

Driven by an enthusiasm that still guides me, I transmitted to my group the same energy that determines our success, taking us to places even greater, creating partnerships with companies worldwide.

As our testimonials state, our strong points are:
– Professional and gracious service personnel
– Resolving any and all unexpected situations without you ever knowing about them!


Our core business is providing an all inclusive hospitality service on exhibition booths

We provide services for stand between 70 – 5000 square meters varying from 50 – 7000 guests daily.
Our services include all the necessary: machines, equipment, kitchen personnel, service personnel, hostesses, logistics, beverages and raw food. All foods will be prepared freshly on your booth everyday to guarantee the freshness and to be able to satisfy those unexpected number of guests that drop by your booth during the day.

Collaborating with local partners for local personnel, machines, equipment, beverages and raw food, we are able to guarantee the best and fastest service and specially integrate anything you ask in the shortest time possible.

As we are in the exhibition business since more than 20 years, we have also created a list of partners that we trust and can offer for: booth design & booth building in all of Europe, hotel booking in all of Germany and Paris, Hostess/Host in all of Germany. Feel free to contact us if needed.


to create an environment for our clients that will permit them to focus exclusively on their clients, making them feel at home and expanding our brand in the exhibition world as a leader of the catering sector.