Feedback Ima Spa – Interpack 2014

Dear Consuelo,

with this email we would like to thank you for the exellent work and collaboration during the Interpack 2014 just finished.

Our executives, customers and employees have all very much appreciated and praised your service, both in terms of quality, variety, and professionalism.

Besides you, irreplaceable and tireless worker, we wish to especially thank Luca Tafuri ’s infinite availability and extreme competence, also in knowing how to solve problems and coordinate the emergencies.

Our gratitude goes also to ALL the people who have worked hard to make this event a big success.

We mention them by name, in random order:

Benny Bersier

Fabrizio Fasan

Delfina Bernocco

Michele Santoro

Rudy Bertuccelli

Andrea Biscuola

Andrea Bertuccelli

Roberto Lenzoni

Edoardo Tesei

Fabio Cozzani

Stefan Kuppers

Luca Maschi

Giuli Crotti

Davide Mola

Saverio Santoro

Emanuele Raniolo

Stefano Gavioli

Alessandro Foresta


Giancarlo Mazza

Mattia Salvatore

Luca Maestri

Andrea Abuoso


Pasquale Marino

Jolanda Marino



Gianni Rettore

Davide Iaquinta

Erika Sarti

Luca Signorini

Jenny Gallione

Many warm greetings to all and we look forward to the next adventure together!

C. V. IMA Industries S.r.l.

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