Feedback DB Technologies dopo Prolight & Sound 2013

Ciao Alessandro,

First of all I wanted to say thank you for the great job you and your colleagues did. Everybody at the event was delighted by the food and beverages from backstage and also the people working for you. You must be very proud of your staff! We had a only very positive feedbacks to the event, and all of them mentioned the great food and the service. (Even the clean team came up to me on the next day and told me that they have never had cleaned up after a party, where the whole place and especially the catering & kitchen area was looking that perfect!)
It is always great to work with you and your team and I am really looking forward to our next event in Frankfurt with you. And thats not just because of the food – it is good to know, that there is someone who cares!
Gracie Mille!
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