H2G Srl after Itma 2019

Hi Stefano!!
I thank you again: very good service! It was all perfect, Rino very kind … it looks like that was his job! 😉
Jokes apart I would say I have no criticism, but only compliments !!
Moreover I was pleasantly surprised in seeing the variety of products that was there every day,
I would have never thought about such a good service!! Well done!
Thanks a lot!!!
H2G Srl

Other feedbacks

Nonostante la diffusione di COVID 19, il gruppo Backstage garantisce tutti i servizio confermati e fornirà servizio negli eventi posticipati - molte fiere sono state posticipate, ma non annullate!
Siamo qui per voi, come sempre.

Despite the spreading of COVID 19, Backstage Group guarantees all services confirmed and to offer services in the postoponed events - Most fairs are postoned, not cancelled! We are here for you, as usual.