Drinktec 2017 – Munich

Drinktec 2017 Fair in Munich, Germany, is over ! This year we served with success 11 different customers with the help of 22 people among chef, barmen and waiters. We would like to thank all of our customers for the wonderful week and we hope to see you soon!       Feedback Repi S.p.A Read more about Drinktec 2017 – Munich[…]

Come to Drinktec! Backstage waits for you!

Drinktec is an international event in Munich that offers the last news in the beverage sector. You can find us at these stand: Atelier François, Mks GmbH, Repi Spa, Bieffe Co, Pet Engineering Srl, Bardiani Valvole Spa, Piovan Spa, A Due Spa, Smi Spa, Arol Spa, Mariani Srl!