31 March 2017

survey de

Do you prefer local food or international food?

What kind of quotation do you prefer?:
Single price on every item (bottle, food pcs, single machine etc)Category price (beverages, food, machines, equipment, personnel etc)Paushall price for an all inclusive service

Who should provide the necessary machines?


Would you be of value to you to have "one" supplier for all your fairs in Europe?

Would you like to have a real barista service with a barista coffee machine and real italian coffee?

As for food, do you prefer:

Fancy fingerfoods Fancy mignon fingerfoods

Nice substantial foodNice substantial foods


When do you prefer to be contacted with regards to the catering service?
6 months before the fair3 months before the fair2 months before the fair1 month before the fair

In what order do you evaluate a catering offer?
The menu: 123
The overall completeness of the offer: 123
The price:123

Any and all comments and extra info will help us make you the best quote.

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