6 July 2016

Stand Party – Menu 1

Fingerfoods: Approx 7-8 pieces per person

Mignon Assorted Sandwiches

Mignon Tramezzinis

Mignon Pizza

Mignon Assorted Salty Puff Pastries

Potato Rosty

Stuffed Rice Balls

Stuffed Olives (ascolana)

Voul au Vent with Cheese Mousse

Flakes of Parmisan Cheese

Fresh Fruit Skewers

Fresh Italian Pastries

Mini Muffins with Chocolate and Vanilla

Beverages: approx 4-5 glasses per person

Cabernet DOC

Chardonnay DOC

Spumante Promosso

Coca cola

Orange Juice

Grapefruit Juice

Pineapple Juice,

Mineral Still Water

Mineral Sparkling Water

Bottled Beer