6 July 2016

All Inclusive – Service E

From 09:00 to 18:00

Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee,
Tea, Decaf, Caffè Latte
Mineral Water, Sparkling Water,
Assortment of Juices
Coca Cola, Coca Light,
Red Wine DOC, White Wine DOC,
Spumante Blanc de blancs

Assortment of Biscuits, Assortment of Mini Croissants
Assortment of Mini-cakes
Assortment of Chips, Prezels, Olives, Pickles


From 10.30 to 17.30

Fingerfoods rotating every day:
Fan of goat cheese with chutney
Brisè shells with tuna mousse, mignon stuffed rice balls
Mini stuffed olives (ascolana)
Grissini with raw ham of parma

From 12.30 to 15.00

1 daily salad served in bodegas
Rice salad with season vegetables
quinoa salad with brunoise of zucchini and ginger,
Black rice salad with shrimp,
Mediterranean spelt salad,
Cous cous with sour vegetables

Assortment of Mignon Sandwiches and Tramezzinis
4-5 Fingerfoods rotating everyday:
voul au vents with assorment of mousses,
Cake with coldcuts, salty bacio di dama,
Mini salty muffins, vegetable cruditè in tumbler,
Cherry tomato and mozzarella skewer,
Cannoncino with salmon mousse and poppy seeds,
Bignè with raschera cheese and honey, carot cupcake,
Fresh fruit skewers, mini chocolate and vanilla muffins 

This service includes:

1 kitchen worker and n°1 barman/waiter

Machines, Equipment, Crockery

Logistics, Room & Board