Feedback Saint Gobain after SMM 2016 – Hamburg

Dear Benoit,
It was a good experience to work with you again.
Hereby my exact feedback:

The menu
The menu was again diverse and the caterer had a good eye for detail. Everything was presented very clean and representative at all times.

The caterer and the hostess
It was a pity that the caterer did not speak any English. Luckily I understand a bit Spanish and the hostess spoke Spanish as well. So we could understand each other. The caterer was very disciplined and a hard worker, so no complaining about that from my side. He kept great overview and worked close together with the hostess.

The quality
The quality of the food was good again. The caterer tried to cook food as diverse as possible with the limited means he had, so that is great. He listened well to our wishes (like e.g. from the second day on we wanted lunch a bit earlier and he participated on that).
When organizing an event again, I will contact you again for sure.

Have a nice day

Best Regards

Saint Gobain