feedback Power Plus comm. after E-world 2015

Hi Stefan,

we were very pleased with the efficiency of the staff, Merjem worked very well with our calendar, keeping careful track of the meetings, and greeting people very nicely and looking after them. Hatice was very polite, and worked very hard at the bar and service, and managed to keep the bar and the booth furniture clean at all times. We thought maybe she was a bit shy.

You kept us well supplied with food even during the busy times. I appreciated that he brought in more food, and saved us a shopping trip, and he used up what was there efficiently so there was very little waste. I start to think his simple Sandwiches are easier to prepare and more suitable to our style than lots of different canapes – something to think about. He did take up more of the cabin space than people are used to (I thought his washing up routine was a good space-saving solution)  and I expect some coments about that – but the cabin is very small. I might think about some space-saving ideas, such an alternative solution for storing drinks – the Messebauer already suggested a second fridge.

many thanks again for everything!

Power Plus Comminications AG

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