Feedback Bondiglioli after Wind Energy 2014

Dear Conny,

I really wanted to congratulate with you for the two chefs you provided for the fair Wind Energy in Hamburg (Sept 23-26)

The two chefs are: Gianni and Davide

They were formidable and would like to share with you what I noticed:

– Competence and kindness proposed steadily and continuously throughout the exhibition period

– Friendliness with all the guests at the booth (never crossing that thin line not to be crossed in order not to be then “invasive” with the guests ..)

– catering counter always well exposed, clean, tidy and precise in aesthetic details

– Happy hour every afternoon that they managed to organize maintaining the same menu arrangement.

Well … I was so happy that I would strongly recommend having their presence (or at least Gianni) during the fair Bauma Shanghai…

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