All Inclusive Catering Service

Our all inclusive catering service is based on the entire organization of your hospitality area and consists of these 5 main points:

  • Study of menu
  • Qualified Personnel
  •  Beverages
  •  Barista Service with Original Italian Coffee.
  • Provision of all machines and equipment necessary to make the service run fluidly.

We will support you throughout the whole day guaranteeing the quality and quantity of the food and beverages accompanied by professional and capable staff to lighten your day and make your guests feel comfortable while you concentrate on the business at hand.

Quality & Readiness Catering Service

We will provide all the necessary raw material to prepare the menu directly on your stand, this way everything will be fresh and we will be able to prepare extra food in case the demand is higher than expected.


Working together with some of the biggest agencies around Europe we are able to guarantee the most reliable staff. Due to our collaborations with local partners we are also able to add more personnel if needed.


Backstage Catering will provide all the beverages and make sure that nothing finishes during the day. Beverages such as: mineral water, softdrinks, assortment of juices, local beer (draught or bottle), Italian wine DOC, Prosecco, international cocktails.

Barista Service with Original Italian Coffee

As professional in the catering services all the necessary to be able to serve the best coffee on the fair! A professional coffee machine, coffee grinder, equipment, coffee beans, milk etc.

One of our greatest strength during the fairs is the fact that we serve original high quality Italian coffees, cappuccino, caffè lattes etc.

Project Management

A necessary part of organization to make the service run fluidly. Organization in cooperation with your booth builder with regards to space and technical needs transport and setup of all machines and equipment to your stand during the setup days.

We definitely can provide equipment such as: ovens, fridges, dishwashers, slicers, freezers, hotplates, sausage boilers, glasses, plates, cups, cutlerty, buffet material and many more.

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